Under-vehicle scanner: It features cameras with lights for clear under vehicle view to detect if any dangerous explosives, etc are being carried into the premises, and that would normally go undetected by the human eye.

Identification systems: This includes solutions like license plate recognition systems to enable video capture of license plate, transmission of information to control terminal, and comparison with database of authorized vehicles.


Entry barriers: To prevent unauthorized or forceful entry into premises, we install security solutions such as Tyre Busters, Bollards, etc. It provides access control and can be directly integrated to the vehicle ID system. Tyre busters, with spikes of 20mm distance between them, can be mounted on the existing driveway and can be both manual and automated. At a height of 1000m and diameter of 350mm, Bollards on theother hand, can stop vehicles weighing 7.5 tonnes weight at 65 km/h, and those weighing 15 tonnes at 40 km/h.

Non-obtrusive vehicles IDs: It enables instant identification of vehicles, providing instant records of entry and exit, while greatly reducing manual intervention. It comprises of non-duplicable RFID tags in authorized vehicles, long range RF signal transmitters, loop sensors and access controllers.

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