The perimeter security project at one of India’s most strategic naval bases involved a multi-layer security system comprising of the following:

An electric fence system of up to 7000 volt that acts as a strong physical barrier, deterring intrusion attempts through a powerful non-lethal electric shock.

Additionally, the system is configured to raise alarms during a perimeter intrusion attempt. The sensor alarm system not only triggers local audio sirens that provide visual indication of the area where an intrusion is attempted, but also provides for centralized monitoring of the entire perimeter at a central location on graphical maps of the installation.

A second security layer, integrated with the first one, provides for video surveillance of the complete perimeter. Besides continuous scanning of the complete perimeter, the system provides for automatic camera pan/ tilt/ zoom that automatically captures images of the intruder.

The entire system was integrated by Nelco through an understanding of the security needs of the customer and high quality products sourced from across the world. Operating successfully for over two years now, the system has been securing the lives and assets of a very important defense establishment in India.

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