Nelco offers a range of non-lethal electric fence and multi-sensor solutions, as part of its perimeter protection system, which are adapted and customized to specific requirements across industries.

Custom-made as per the size of the perimeter, the electric fence generating 8000 volts with 1 to 4.8 Joules power output, has 50 to 200m alarm sector length and a very low false alarm rate, thus being a major deterrent for unwanted entries. Our customers benefit from the automatic and 24-hour vigilant detection and action, thus minimizing risks to security staff and occupants and reducing manual inefficiencies and shortcomings. The multi-sensor is also part of the perimeter protection system that detects attempts to climb, cut across, or tunnel below any perimeter fence. It can be easily installed and maintained on any type of fence or wall, including welded mesh, barbed wire or grill fence.

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