Implementation of Largest Turnkey Project in Asia for Ministry of Defense (India): 25 HUBs and 500+ remotes

  • Asia’s Largest and most complex hybrid network
  • Satcom connectivity for 179 MoD user establishments for backup to terrestrial MPLS
  • 25 I-Direct Hub Installations
  • Integration of Satcom and MPLS network on Cisco Platform

Pan-Africa Satellite Network across 53 countries

  • Tele-Medicine, Tele-Education and other services to 53 member countries of African Union over VSAT network
  • VVIP connectivity (VoIP and Video Conferencing) among the Heads of States
  • LinkStar / LinkWay Hub at Senegal
  • 3 sites per country
  • RASCOM satellite

Consultancy Services on VSAT operations for one of the biggest telecom operator in Africa

  • Study of Sub-Saharan Market for VSAT
  • Analysis of technology options
  • Creation of business case
  • Recommendations on innovative product offerings