Today, the requirement of government, defense & enterprise customers is for a solution to integrate various types of electronic security and surveillance systems. The pressing need is to provide a secure environment through end-to-end customized, innovative and integrated solutions that include installation, monitoring, analysis, planning and response.

Nelco offers integrated management of indoor and outdoor security systems such as fire detection systems, perimeter security systems (PIDS), Access control, Gates control, CCTV surveillance, scanning devices, vehicle management and more into one centrally monitored and controlled package. Such integration has many benefits including the simplification of common operating methods and lowering of the system costs. It is designed to manage small, medium and large security systems for both enterprise and government in a reliable and cost effective way. Nelco offers control and monitoring of the indoor-outdoor security systems with demanding work conditions, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, such as: Industrial Plants, Power stations, Broadcasting stations, Telecommunications stations, Airports, Railways, Seaports, borders etc

Government & Defense Solutions

The first decade of the 21st century has made it increasingly evident that security threats are unconstrained by borders. Each of India's neighbors is undergoing a transition, giving rise to varied political experiences and experiments. The menace of terrorism and proliferation of arms, drugs and nuclear technology pose dangers that merit constant attention.

Nelco help our defense and paramilitary forces better secure our borders against such dangers. We provide end to end customized, innovative and integrated security and surveillance solutions incorporating Monitoring, Analysis, Planning and Response.

Enterprise & Industrial Solutions

At Nelco, we specialize in identifying the security risks attached to a particular process or area, through our close association with our customers and leading consulting houses across India.

Our expertise consists of developing optimum solutions through state-of-the-art converging technologies, deploying effective process viewing and monitoring, customizing critical process areas and enabling enterprise customers to achieve surveillance of all critical processes and areas. Our solutions thereby provide greater control on overall safety, process management and efficiency, product quality, inventory management, etc.