Aerospace Ltd., Bangalore

For manufacture of customized global positioning systems for military and civilian applications.

Controp, Israel

For specialized night vision systems and solutions for applications in border security and surveillance.

Eagle-Telonics, USA

For unattended ground sensors for border security applications.

G-Max Security (formerly Galdor–Secotec), Israel

For specialised sensors for unattended ground sensors and for perimeter security solutions.

Harris Corp

For radio communication systems and advanced ground sensor monitoring solutions.

Nuctec, China

For vehicle and container scanning solutions used in security applications at border check posts and military Depots. Also for customs security at sea ports.

Nemtek, South Africa

For high security electric fencing solutions used for border security and Homeland security applications.

Samsung- Techwin (Formerly Samsung Electronics), Korea.

For video surveillance and CCTV solutions used for intruder detection, industrial security and surveillance of military installations.