Today, Indian schools, colleges, coaching classes and other educational institutes need to reach out to more students and make quality education available to even the remotest regions of India. Enterprises too have a need to cost effectively meet the ever increasing training needs of employees, dealerships etc dispersed across the country.

The geographical extent and spread of the ‘trainees’ pose critical challenges of increased costs towards travel, logistics, talent and infrastructure.

Our broadband VSAT technology enables interactive distance learning and video conferencing creates the virtual classroom experience that improves productivity and training quality, while lowering conventional education and training expenses.

The Tatanet VSAT network with Interactive Video platform is an easily deployable, efficient, fully encrypted solution that supports all the voice, data and video communications requirements with high network availability. It can be seamlessly integrated into the local LAN networks or any other terrestrial infrastructure on site while leveraging the multicasting and broadcasting capabilities of satellite.

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