Tatanet VSAT’s comprehensive satellite network solutions enable organizations to build a high-performance unified information infrastructure that delivers significant operational advantages.

The asymmetric nature of VSAT networks is conducive to most organizations where bandwidth intensive information is constantly sent from central office to remote sites. Hence, the low-bandwidth inbound route and high-bandwidth outbound route combined with its broadcast ability makes the VSAT system particularly well suited for WANs.

Be it large networks of several hundred or several thousand sites, our access networks provide secure and reliable connectivity with a high uptime of 99.5%. Enterprise users can extend network connections to widely dispersed locations such as branch offices, retail outlets, project sites, or dealer-franchisee network.

The ubiquity of our service has proven invaluable in countries such as India whose terrestrial infrastructure does not cover the entire country.

So, whether it is interactive broadband networks, or traditional thin-route VSAT, organizations can rely on Tatanet VSAT for their mission-critical applications.

Key Features:

  • Flexible : Choice of bandwidth plans depending upon number of concurrent users at each site
  • Cost effective : Bandwidth plans which provide on-the-fly bandwidth bursts for peak periods
  • Robust : Higher uptimes than terrestrial networks
  • Consistent : Reliable predefined QoS (Quality of service)
  • High–Tech : Benefits of cutting edge satellite broadband platforms.
  • Wide connectivity for Backhaul: Connectivity to Customer HO/ DC via multiple Telcos to Tatanet Hub.
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