Corporate events are no more a one – off, single location activity. Video events & conferences today, seek simultaneous involvement of multiple stakeholders (employees, shareholders, customers) irrespective of their location or geography.

Tatanet VSAT provides all that is required to make such events a success – a wide-area-network over VSAT that ensures real-time transmission of high- end audio/ video images generated at a source site, to one or multiple destination locations. As opposed to terrestrial network, using satellite broadcast for video applications is the best answer for enterprises – it has the greatest reach, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in the long term.

Terrestrial wired networks and IP networks are specifically designed to carry unicast, point-to-point traffic, and often require upgrade or modification to carry multicast traffic, while VSAT networks are by their very nature multicast networks, that is, they are point-to-multipoint in transmission architecture.

Satellite networks exploit the economics and advantage of broadcast television, making them the most effective way to move the large amounts of video and IP to multiple locations in a video-powered enterprise.

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