Tatanet’s Broadband Internet over VSAT (IoV) services are specifically designed for both high usage (Oil rigs/ Factories) and medium usage (Remote offices, branches, resorts, colleges) where there is a need for cost effective, flexible and easy to maintain internet connectivity. By virtue of VSAT technology, customers have to no longer worry about last mile, as IoV is ideal for connectivity in remote locations and is also scalable to support future requirements of the customer.

The Tatanet IP VSAT offers a two-way satellite-based solution enabling interactive broadband IP connectivity to one or all of customer business locations. The network enables internet surfing, email, chatting, multimedia streaming, application download, web conferencing, VPN with international offices, proxy server / firewall for secure Internet access, hosted web applications, Internet telephony and more.

Other benefits include fixed monthly/ quarterly/ annual ‘Data Transfer’ plans to match specific customer requirements which play an important role in providing a cost efficient connectivity solution to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

Key Features:

  • High Uptime, Always ON
  • Reliable & secure connectivity
  • Available everywhere and does not require feasibility study for last mile
  • Quick installation and renewals
  • Easy upgrade of bandwidth to suit the business needs
  • High bandwidth plans with longer validity to suit business cycles
  • Self Service portal to monitor usage.
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