Welcome to the new Nelco. Re-invigorated and rebranded the company that started in 1940 as a revolutionary electronics company (with many firsts to its name) has today reinvented itself from the ground up. We have aligned our businesses and set for ourselves new goals.

Nelco is today focused on helping its enterprise & government customers unlock potential by offering solutions in the areas of Integrated Security & Surveillance, VSAT connectivity (Tatanet VSAT), Managed Services, Satcom Projects and Meteorological Solutions. To addressthe needs of our customers across industry verticals, these solutions are backed by Nelco’s values and proven expertise in consulting, customization, system integration, end-to-end management, as well as robust infrastructure and processes.

We offer a range of innovative and customized solutions for businesses and government institutions under one roof. We are one of India’s leading VSAT providers and offer powerful and dependable network communications solutions. We are also the preferred partners for the Government, Defense and Enterprise sectors when it comes to security and surveillance in India. From keeping the borders safe to checking pilferage and sabotage at factories, our solutions have been deployed everywhere.

We also partner with enterprise and government customers in managing their communication, IT and security and surveillance networks. This frees up the resources of the organizations allowing them to focus on core areas. In addition, we offer end to end networking solutions (Satcom Projects) and maintenance of private hubs and hybrid networks for its customers, from government to corporates. Our innovative turnkey solutions in the meteorological space are meant to meet the entire gamut of requirement of our customers. You can read more about our solutions here.

Nelco is a part of the US $ 70 Bn TATA Group, the tea to telecom behemoth. But bearing the TATA name comes with immense responsibility, which we are aware of. After all, the group is one of India’s most trusted names. It is therefore only imperative then that our values reflect those that millions have come to expect of any TATA company. Read about our guiding values that guides Nelco in its day to functioning.